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Yin yoga with tennis balls (English) XXL yogales

vrijdag 2 december 2022 19:00 t/m 21:30

Join this new XXL class with tennis balls to learn more about your body, find deeper relaxation and connect to your inner Self.

In this new 2,5 hour Yin Yoga XXL class you will learn how to incorporate tennis balls into the traditional Yin poses to enhance healing qualities of the practice by identifying, targeting and relaxing tight knots placed deeply within the connective tissue. Those muscular and fascial knots hidden deep inside the body are responsible for holding both physical and emotional tensions.

Yin practice with tennis balls allows to target those specific, tight knots that normally can be reached and relaxed only through a deep tissue massage or myofascial release.

During the class you will experience and learn how to work with the tennis balls technique. You will be able to apply it at home and use as a remedy for stress and mild pains existing in the body due to stored emotions and bad postural habits.

Datum : vrijdag 2 december
Tijd: 19:00 tot 21:30
Kosten: 38 euro of 2 lessen van je kaart/abonnement
Informatie en aanmelding: mailen naar of inschrijven via


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